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Duet 2 Wifi

Duet3D designs hardware, firmware and software for 3d printers, CNC machines and a lot more.

Our integrated motion control stack will speed up your machine development with unparalleled functionality and flexibility out of the box. Duet3D products free your imagination to implement machines that push the boundaries of what has been possible. Our customers use our control solutions for additive and/or subtractive manufacturing machines along with many other automation systems. With distributed motion control you can select from our toolkit of control solutions, tightly integrated with best in class firmware and flexible networking and user interface software.

Duet3 Wifi

Our hardware, firmware and software is an integrated motion control stack that will speed up your machine development. The majority of our customers require no firmware level customisation: simply set up the configuration to match your hardware and start tuning your machine.

We support most typical machine designs and types, along with specialist kinematics, from desktop 3D printers to building sized construction machines. With our range of control boards you will find a control solution that matches your requirements as well, from stepper drivers to interfaces to connect to your preferred supplier of industrial servos.

Delta Smart Effector

The Smart Effector for delta printers allows the hotend to be used as a Z probe giving fantastic accuracy across the whole delta build area by eliminating the effect of tilt. It uses precision PCB manufacturing to ensure equal hole spacing between the effector and the carriages on the towers, further improving accuracy. It is compatible with Haydn Huntley’s Magball delta arms.

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