About Us

Uni3DVerse, is a small company that design and build bespoke 3D printer modifications and bespoke 3D Printers, from our workshop in Exeter Devon England.

Formed in 2021 we have an excellent reputation for designing and modifying most household and hobbtists 3DPrinters, as well as a full repair and servicing workshop.

Please email repairs@uni3dverse.co.uk giving your details, 3DPrinter make and Model Number and a brief description of the issue.

We design, build and manufacture inhouse all types of plates and carriage designs to modify existing 3D printers from belts and wheels to rail based systems, and where demand is high we have a few Companies that manufacture our products to our exact standards, stringent tolerances and surface finishing.

Uni3DVerse have designed our own range of bespoke printers "Uni3D001 to Uni3D004" that are in kit form, Featuring world leading extrusion components by E3D and world leading electronics by Duet3D all designed here in the UK.

Here are just some of the features:

(1) They are easily assembled.

(2) We use a Unique frame locking system in the 3D Printer Market (making our frames one of the strongest out there).

(3) Auto 3 Axis bed levelling.

(4) Custom machined heated build plate with safety electrical overload protection with either a 120v or 220v silicon heater pad.

(5) Magnetic PEI Removable printing plates.

(6) OptionalColour Touchscreen.

(7) A range of 32 Bit Mainboards.

(8) A range of different Nozzles and Extruders.

(9) MGN Rail based running gear (options available for alternative manufacturers).

(10) Original Gates belts on all tramways.

(11) Proven Corexy design.

A Full list of features will be available after the 3DPrinters prototyping and Testing has been fully completed and should be available from late 2nd Quarter 2023.

Uni3DVerse will be carrying 3DPrinter spare parts for most Vendors and be available to purchase from our website, If you dont see it on our website please email sales sales@uni3dverse.co.uk and we will come back to you if we can get it with a quotation and delivery timescale, if not we will try and advise you where you could purchase it.

Uni3DVerse are an Authorised reseller for E3D and OEM / Reseller for Duet3D products in the UK

We are Beta testers for various manufacturers in the UK, we regulary seek more Vendors/Manufacturers/Companies for Beta Testing their products,(NDA's undertaken).

Please email info@uni3dverse.co.uk if you would like to have your products beta tested or or assessed prior to launching them to the world.

We will provide a full evaluation of your product, including any views (positive or negative) that we feel could prove beneficial for improving the design, operation or releiability of the product without bias.

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Meet Our Team

We love what we do and we do it with passion. We value the experimentation,
nthe reformation of the message, and the smart incentives.

Frank Timberland

Frank Timberland

Maketing & Sale
Jack Lacetti

Jack Lacetti

CEO & Founder
Marry Van Oilaf

Marry Van Oilaf

CMO & Leader
Marry Van Oilaf

Marry Van Oilaf

CMO & Leader